Singapuras in the UK

1998 brought the first Singapuras to the UK. Carole Thompson of Gloucestershire brought in a female called Imago's Faye Raye of USAF who was pregnant and duly gave birth to 3 kittens in quarantine called Muffy, Mimi and Kuan. Scricobery's Indah followed shortly afterwards and was to provide suitable matings to Faye and her 2 daughters. Kuan, was sent to Canada where he became a Quadruple Grand Champion with the ACFA.

Pat and Eddie Bell of Northumberland later bought some cats from Carole and before much longer Debbie Van Den Berg and Mal, her partner, were taken with the breed. They purchased their first two girls from Pat and Eddie. Tolgoblin Sweet Saffron (Saffie) and Tolgoblin Esmirelda Ofmine (Esme) joined the household and before long Changis Singing Purs Theo joined them from the USA. Theo was suitable to use as a mate for the two girls as well as Tolgoblin Elven Princess, who was a half sister to Saffy and Esme.

Although the breed had full championship status with all the USA registering bodies, and had made their mark in other countries, they still had to show they were suitable for high honours in the GCCF. Debbie and Mal exhibited their cats at many GCCF shows and the interest generated encouraged them to continue. There was enough interest in the breed to start a breed club in 1993. By 1997 there was a total of 54 cats registered with the GCCF and Singapuras were granted Preliminary status. 9 cats gained their Merit certificates at the 1997 National Cat Club Show.

By June 2002 the breed had achieved the required criteria to be promoted to Provisional Status and before long were winning Intermediate certificates and winning miscellaneous classes against well established breeds. They were also eligible to compete at the GCCF Supreme Show for the award of Best Provisional Breed which was won in 2002 by Mrs Larmour's Sarwillou Kyu Kyusu.

The breed was definitely well established and by October 2004 had achieved the criteria to become a full Championship status breed, which was granted from the beginning of the next show season in June 2005. By July 2006 the first Imperial Grand Champion had been crowned and by November 2007 the first two UK Imperial Grand Champions had brought the breed to the very top of the GCCF title tree.

The Singapura was definitely here to stay.

© Progressive Singapura Cat Club and Marcia Owen