Living with a Singapura

Having a Singapura is like having another family member that is an affectionate and sensitive friend. They love human company and love to talk.

They master the art of dribbling and fetching balls or sweet papers from a very early age. They love to play and frolic and help in all the activities of the household. They specialise in walking all over your newspaper or keyboard as they try to tell you that you should be paying attention to them and not 'that thing'. They make wonderful nurses if you are ill and give you their undivided attention. They remain very gentle, though very playful well into older age and are always ready for a romp. They are very inquisitive cats.

They are very easy to look after and require minimum grooming. A comb from time to time keeps the loose hair at bay and stroking with a chamois leather will keep their coat silky and shiny.

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