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Visit the original website by breed founder Tommy Meadow
The Progressive Singapura CC is proud to be the caretaker of this historic website

Established 2008
Member of the GCCF

A UK based Club serving the Singapura Cat
and loyal to its members

There is more than one club catering for the Singapura breed in the UK and we would like to make it clear that there is no obligation for anyone to feel that they must join both clubs if they do not wish to. We appreciate the loyalty of our members.

Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency
(PK Def) explained

PK Def Information for Breeders

Special Notice

The club has now established with the GCCF that all cats registered with GCCF from the end of June 2012 will now receive CS registrations and not CSSR registrations. If registrations come back with a CSSR registration for a cat with 5 generations of Singapuras in the pedigree, the registrations needs to be returned to the GCCF for correction.

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