Introducing ‘Ryuichi Birmans 

Breeding Birmans? … Now that was something we said we wouldn’t even contemplate (the main reason being that Julie would struggle to part with the kittens!).  Now here we are a few years down the line with our own prefix............. 

Why the prefix Ryuichi?  Well naturally it had to be a choice which we both agreed on! 

As some of you may be aware, Keith is a keen biker.  Both of us are avid supporters of motorcycle racing (so we don’t just travel hundreds of miles to cat shows, we also travel hundred of miles to bike events!).  Keith is the proud owner of a Honda Fireblade, so naturally we support the Honda teams and are always pleased when they do well.   


In the British Superbike Honda team is a young Japanese rider called Ryuichi Kiyonari.  While we were trying to decide on an unusual name for our breeding prefix, his name came up!  We weren’t entirely sure if a name could be used as a prefix (not that Ryuichi would be recognised as a name), so we did some investigating and found that this didn’t appear to be a problem.  So it was game on – we applied to the GCCF for our prefix,  which thankfully was approved and so in March 2006 our prefix was granted. 

On Sunday 1st October 2006, Keith and Julie are up at the crack of dawn (sorry, much earlier than the crack of dawn!) to go to Brands Hatch to see the last round of the British Superbike Championships.  We knew it was going to be a nail-biting day as any one of three riders could have won the championship (one of which was ’Kiyo’), so you can imagine our delight when Kiyo claimed the title!  

Hopefully ‘Ryuichi Birmans’ will follow in our hero's footsteps and be as successful as he has been! 

Keith and Julie Welch