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Meet the NFC'S






Maschenka Star Gazer (dob 16/8/97) 

Hello, my name is Azure and I am the eldest.  My litter sister, Saffy, and I were the first arrivals back in 1997.  I am a really laid back boy but can still put those youngsters in their place when I have to!  My owners think I am a little on the dim side, they reckon that I was given too much anaesthetic when I was neutered, but what do they know eh!


Maschenka Silver Spur (dob 15/4/98) 

Hi there, Iím Sultan.  I arrived in the household in 1998.  I used to be a bit of a loner, but over the years I have become much friendlier and love to sit on my mumís lap whenever possible. I enjoy being made a fuss of and if Iím not, I often give the humans a little nip on the leg (affectionately you understand), well how dare they choose to ignore me!



Imp Gr Pr Maschenka Shamanda (dob 8/6/99

Well hello there, my name is Mishka.  When I was younger, I used to be a proper little tom boy and was close to the top of the pecking order list, however I have to say I have dropped down for some unknown reason...maybe because I have become a right madam!   I have enjoyed a wonderful career on the show bench; I have to say I am not too keen on all the preparation for the show, but once I am there I generally enjoy my day out.


Pr Maschenka Peperitzo (dob 8/6/99) 

Hey dudes, my name is Sabre.  No doubt you have noticed that I am litter brother of HRH Shamanda!  Donít let her title fool you, she is still glad of her brother to act as her minder and she loves to cuddle up close to me.  I am soooo laid back and such a sleepy head.  Itís such hard work getting those eye muscles to work Ė mind you the smell of my coley cooking usually helps!



Maschenka Maccabeus (dob 20/5/02) 

Hello Iím Kimi and I am a rather nervous boy.  I am very confident when I am with my human servants and follow them round like a shadow, chirping away as I go.  I tend to prefer to keep myself to myself when with my adopted siblings.  I do not like Shamanda and enjoy bullying her, not clever I know but she is the only one I can dominate



Klassyklogs Kanterbury (dob 5/6/04) 

Yoh my turn, Ty here.  I am a very loveable boy but am full of mischief, yep wherever thereís trouble youíll find me!  I hate being apart from my human servants and boy donít I let them know it, I make such a loud whinging sound that they just have to come and find me and pick me up for a cuddle (putty in my paws!).  I love to go to sleep on my mummyís or daddyís lap, usually on my back stretched out.  My mummy has to be very careful when she leaves a glass of wine on the coffee table because I am quite partialÖ.hiccup, hiccup!




No photo of me yet!  come on Keith!



Klassyklogs Klarett (dob 05.04.2008)


Caroona Teah Mareah (dob 8/8/07)

Oh what me next?  Hello my name is Teah and I am the baby of the family.  I love to play, Ty and Vyenna are probably my best buddies (or should I say targets!). I have a special bond with Azure as he took care of me when I first arrived in my new home. I have a very good appetite and will eat anything that is put in front of me!





Pr Maschenka Cassarosa

Sapphire, along with Azure, were our two original Birmans.  Saffy was such a sweet, gentle girl and a real charmer.  Saffy became our first titled cat and she really seemed to enjoy the show world.  Unfortunately, after a short illness,  Saffy left us and is now at Rainbow BridgeÖ