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Fife Intl. Pr. Ch. & Intl. Pr Yaheska Pantheria

Solid Black MCO n


Shadow came to us via his breeder Diana Collings of the Yakeska Cattery.  Diana contacted me one day as she knew I wanted a new kitten in our cattery and told me all about Shadow.  Needless to say following that conversation I was hooked.  Sadly only the week before we have lost Gr.Pr. Alisika Talkof Thedevil through Lymphomea and so the timing was not great.  I spoke to hubby about Shadow and said this may be our omen and after some thought Mark did ask me to contact Diana and see if Shadow was still available.  At this point I was completely taken aback and said ‘don’t hold your hopes up, he may be sold by now’ knowing how well Diana’s fantastic kittens sell, and was absolutely delighted when I spoke to Diana that evening she said he was still available.  That was the turning point, so we said we would love to have him in our cattery if she was happy too.

So we embarked on a long travel down South to collect Shadow and it was indeed love at first sight when I saw him, he was absolutely stunning in my books, both Mark and I loved him straight away, so we came home that afternoon with Shadow.

Shadow resides with his our two pals, Pr. Celticoon Bilberry and Hiamovi Gomda  and both Shadow and Breeze settled very quickly and soon overtook the household.  Pr Celticoon Bilberry aka Star was another kettle of fish.  Being quite a reserved boy by nature he was non too happy when these two boistorious kittens came into the house, so he just sat and watched them flying around with interest.  It has taken a few months now for him to accept the boys, but he now very happy to have these as his companions when they love playing in the garden with their toys


Hiamovi Gomda [Breeze} & Yakeska Pantheria [Shadow]  enjoying their first Fife Show