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We currently have kittens looking for their new homes
born at the beginning of April.

Enquiries:  or Tel: 01788 336803

1 Red and White Male
1 Brown Tabby with white Male
1 Black & White Female
2 Tortie Females
1 Black Silver Male

 All our kittens have now left for their new loving indoor homes, we often hear from the new owners once they have settled, here are recent responses we have received which we were delighted to receive.


We purchased two kittens (1 male and 1 female)  from Nicky Butler in December 2019. My husband and I are so happy with them, they have adjusted so well into our life and home, they are so friendly and loving, and with no destructive tendencies that you normally would expect from kittens. We feel so fortunate to have these little treasures, they have brought so much pleasure, love, and fun into our home. Even our Vet said how beautiful they were and such cute characters when we took them in to be spayed/neutered.

We would certainly recommend Nicky to anyone looking to purchase "simply the best"  Maine Coon kittens. She obviously socialises her kittens so they get the best start in life. We drove 3 hours to find this lovely breeder and it was worth every mile ……….  

Trish and Den


Den and I would like to say a big Thank you Nicky for our beautiful Maine Coon babies Shelby and Cody , they have settled in with us and are just adorable little balls of fur,  they are really well adjusted and are very tolerant of household noises such as vacuum cleaner and coffee grinder -- well still working on that one  lol..     You kindly keep in touch with me and answer my constant, regular messages !

You obviously care a great deal about your cats and kittens and you have been extremely helpful.  Your kittens are a credit to you.

It was worth travelling the distance to get two such beautiful Maine Coon kittens.


We are a family of four and have had Maine Coons for over 17 years.  We recently got two kittens, Gaius and Marcus, from Nicky Butler of Jinglebelles in Rugby.  I can honestly say they are two of the loveliest kittens we have had.  Not only are they stunning, handsome kittens, but what we were so amazed about was how sociable, friendly and confident they were.  As soon as we got them home, they came right out of the pet carrier and started playing.  They are incredibly affectionate too and they became part of our family straight away.  I would thoroughly recommend Nicky and Mark if anybody is looking for a kitten.  The welfare of their animals is paramount and the characters of their kittens are testimony to this.  Thank  you for letting us give a home to two of your beautiful kittens.


Hi Nicky

Just a note to let you know that Athos is settling in very well and has eaten all his tea!Thanks for all your advice and the welcome pack and we'll keep in touch.

Best wishes


Hi Nicky
Just to let you know that Honey has settled in very well.  She is purring the whole time and is very relaxed.
All the best


Hello both,

Just thought we would send you some snaps of Archie over the past few weeks. He settled in almost immediately.   He is an absolutely amazing cat and a testament to all the time and effort you put into him.  We love him to bits!


Triss is doing very well , the first day was a huge success. She is a lively little creature who keeps us busy and entertained at the same time. She is so cute and sweet! You had done a marvellous work since she is so well socialised.



She's a credit to you Nicky, so well behaved & laid back. She's explored the whole house, not bothered by it at all.


A big thank you to you and Mark for everything.  We are absolutely delighted with Lulu, she's adorable and such a credit to you.


Thanks to your knowledge of Maine coon breeding, having such wonderful mum and dad, you have created our lovely little boy - but more importantly your handling and care of the kittens gave him excellent socialisation to humans, to the point where he will tolerate a few moments of brushing daily, he is comfortable to have me stroke him anywhere, including tummy. I am totally in love with the little chap.  Rohan has been beyond wonderful, he is a bright lively fun loving boisterous lad and great to play with, then suddenly becomes a warm soft snuggly cuddle bunny on your knee, chest, head, whatever is available when he gets sleepy.  He continues to grow like a weed - and so is hungry a lot of the time - but he burns up so much energy running and jumping and talking that we give him whatever he needs.  Our vet thinks he is wonderful too.


I cant thank you enough for allowing my family to have one of your kittens from Selene. Lincoln is so full of confidence and is so loving, a real credit to the love and time that you put into each kitten.

Thank you also for your ongoing support and advise not only for Lincoln but my existing moggie Todd. Your love for cats comes through in everything you do.

Lincoln has settled in and made his mark on all of our hearts