The Singapura cats originate from a small region of Singapore where they are known as the 'drain cat'. The description belies its beauty. It is a very dainty cat, being the smallest breed, but is in fact a big cat in a small body. It was discovered by an American couple, Hal and Tommy Meadow in the 1970's and was imported into the States by the Meadows. They were eventually imported into the UK in the late 1980's but it was not until the 1990's that they started to become popular. Once they were on exhibition at shows, their popularity increased considerably, due to their endearing looks and nature and being very affectionate. The GCCF now recognise them and they have now completed all the requirements to compete to win championship titles. They only have small litters but are great fun.


All photographs, graphics and video © Dai Brogden, Marcia Owen and Anatoli Krassavine